A Short Walk at the Arboretum


Over the weekend, my partner and I decided the dog was well overdue for a walk. We wanted to do something other than the usual walk around the block and decided that the weather was just beautiful for a short trip to Canberras Arboretum.

Nala, our dog, doesn’t travel well. She’s a rescue from the RSPCA and spent the first 9 months of her life isolated from urban life, living on a farm. Slowly, we’re getting her use to all the things that living in the ‘burbs comes with. We’ve had her about a year now and she is still petrified of buses, trucks and groups of people – still gets car sick and freaks out over any technological beeping from our appliances and computers. Fortunately, the Arboretum wasn’t too busy late on Sunday afternoon. After a short ‘terrifying’ moment – as she stood looking out from the edge of the Himalayan Cedars towards the lake and Dairy Farmers Hill – she settled down and started mowing the grass like a tan coloured sheep. Her signature move when feeling stressed.



People, both young and old, were having a good time relaxing, walking together and climbing on the Wide Brown Land sculpture. The light was low in the sky making a lovely contrast of colours in the winter light.

A stroll


I highly suggest a late walk around the Arboretum just before sunset. Throw on a jacket and take a stroll with your family, let the kids play and climb and enjoy the many views it has to offer.


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A Short Walk at the Arboretum

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