Canberra – The Bush Capital

Lightning in the bush capital

We’re known as the bush capital and I think most of us agree that it’s still holding true today, even with Canberra’s current growth and expansion.

The Pond

No matter where you live, it’s only a few minutes’ drive, ride or walk to rural grass lands or nature reserves. With such vast open areas so close to us all, we’re free to explore the many spaces that Canberra offers.

Views of the ranges can be seen from every suburb and in almost every direction. The mountains that surround us are the reason Canberra even exists. The distance from the ocean protected us from attack but the mountains and hills also offers us some protection from Australia’s often severe weather.

Our wildlife can creep into the suburbs; with kangaroos often lining the streets or bouncing down the road. We have an abundance of bird life with Cockatoos and Gallahs a common feature to many backyards all over town.


Birds in the backyard

Canberra offers some great views and its an easy trip to your favourite hike or spot to walk the dog. Even our “bad weather” can make those trips something special!
Beautiful rain Open and vast views Fog in the valley

Walking the dog

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Canberra – The Bush Capital

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