Canberra Weather

One of my favourite pastimes is chasing storms around the region. I’ve been known to take a drive for a few hours just to see a bit of lightning and hear the boom of some thunder. It both excites me and relaxes me. The smell of ozone in the air and the cooling rains that flow in, calm me.

Combined with my photography, storms are at the forefront of my mind come spring and summer.

This post has a few of my favourite shots from over the past few years with some descriptions of where they were shot.

stockdill driveLooking west from Stockdill Dr, Holt. A front moves through with heavy rains and a short lived storm.

national arboretum canberraLooking north-west towards MacGreggor from the National Arboretum. A large and powerful gust front and very heavy rains move in from the west.

corkscrewThe Corkscrew. Horse Park Drive, Gungahlin, looking east.

mammatus near crookwellJust outside Crookwell, NSW, mammatus clouds form after the storm. There were more to come later that evening.

storms over cooma with starsA star filled background to a very active storm just north of Cooma, NSW. Shot from Stockdill Drive, Holt.

black mountain towerWinter rains from Lake Burely Griffin.

the shedDarkening clouds as the storm approaches from the north. Jaramlee Stud, Dunlop

lake george rainbowRainbow over Lake George, NSW.

Rural Lightning CrashesLightning behind the house on the hill. Dog Trap Rd, NSW. South of Murrumbateman.

Sunset RainLight rains fall at sunset. Strathnairn Gallery and Residence, Stockdill Rd, Holt.

Lightning over the rangesParkwood Road, (technically NSW). Near MacGreggor.

Murrumbateman lightningBarton Highway, south of Murrumbateman, NSW

Crawling the SkyLightning crawler. End of Stockdill Drive looking west.

Panoramic GustfrontGust front following the Barton Hightway back to Canberra. 3 shot panorama.

Severe Storm ApproachesAnother gust-front. Parkwood Road near Ginninderra Falls.

MammatusyMammatus clouds, Parkwood Road.

Dark Sunset LightningCloud to Cloud (CC) lightning, Parkwood Road.

Parkwood LightningParkwood Road

West LightningLightning over Weston Creek. John Gorton Drive.

Framed by LightningTelstra Tower framed by lightning. Top of Stockdill Road.

At sunsetStockdill Road, Holt.

Roll Cloud LightningRarely seen in Canberra, an Arcus (roll) Cloud. Shot from the viewing platform at Telstra Tower.

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Canberra Weather

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