Lake Burley Griffin


A few shots from this afternoon on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin.

The water was relatively still today. Not glass but calmer than usual.  The reflections off the water were magnificent and if I had the time, I would have spent most of the day just meandering around, looking for reflections here and there.

There are these little, white ladders in a few places around the lake. I remember using them once or twice as a kid when I’d occasional get wet. Back then, we didn’t really think about it being polluted or worry about any algal blooms. We just went for a swim.


This (not so little) fella wasn’t too concerned with me getting in nice and close. I’m a little in love with the colour of the water in this shot. The blue, coming from the sky and nicely darkened by the brown water that is Lake Burley Griffin.

IMG_0655As much as L.B.G. is a little polluted and has the occasional algal bloom, it’s a beautiful place and has a continuing part in Canberra’s growth. It’s becoming more and more popular to spend a day riding, walking and generally lazing around at the lake on a weekend.

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Lake Burley Griffin

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