National Museum of Australia in Winter Fog

National Museum of Australia 4As night fell, a fog settled across Canberra. The temperature hovered just above the freezing point and there was a distinct smell of cold, damp air.


Canberra has some lovely places to visit, even in the dead of night in a freezing cold winter, you can find some amazing views. All you have to do is brave the plummeting temperatures.

I’ve wanted to photograph the NMA in fog for a couple of years. The big lights that highlight the arch and the architecture glow all around and you can see it in light fog from across the lake. This night, the fog was so heavy that you couldn’t see anything further than a few hundred meters. A perfect night to photograph one of Canberra’s most visited tourist attractions.

The National Museum of Australia explores the history of Australia, including European settlement, Indigenous history and everything that makes us Australian.

National Museum of Australia 3

National Museum of Australia 2

National Museum of Australia 1

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